Your Top 12 America, Plus 1!

adam lambertADAM LAMBERT

alexis graceALEXIS GRACE

allison irahetaALLISON IRAHETA

anoop desaiANOOP DESAI

danny gokeyDANNY GOKEY

jasmine murrayJASMINE MURRAY

jorge nunezJORGE NUNEZ

kris allenKRIS ALLEN

lil roundsLIL ROUNDS

matt giraudMATT GIRAUD

megan corkreyMEGAN JOY CORKREY

michael sarverMICHAEL SARVER

scott macintyreSCOTT MACINTYRE

Yes, you read it right! There are 13 finalists for AI for season 8 and I have to admit it will be a waste of contestant to eliminate someone off. I mean, this batch is super good, really. Actually, I am quite happy with last year’s batch though I like archie to won but I like cook also so no harm done. And now I was like watching it religiously, 3rd to Survivor and Amazing Race. AI was started being shown here in the Philippines on its 3rd season. I only watched season 3 because a Fil-Am contestant is in it (Trias) but I not a big fan, sorry. On season 4, I only watched because of Constantine but after being booted off, I stopped watching. I didn’t watch seasons 5 & 6. Enough of other seasons. Anyways, It will be tough for the people who’s gonna vote in who they should take out. Of course, I am not included because I am currently living at the other side of the world, though I wanted to vote to the finalists that I like the most from the bunch. Obviously, everybody has their own pick in every batch, as for me my picks were Gokey, Lambert, & Desai. But over-all all the contestants are great.


~ by pipsqueak08 on 9 March 2009.

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