Rafa And Roger Did It Again, Now On Melbourne

federer nadal finalsRafa and Roger once again made a final battle epic in their on rights. The 2 most incredible tennis players invaded a finals match again and proved that there are no other players better than the 2. The match was a bittersweet one for me though, having my rooted player (Rafa Nadal) win his first grandslam on Melbourne but seeing Roger cry, it is definitely heartbreaking. It shows his love for all his supporters and for the game itself. I am never against Roger, in fact I consider him the greatest player tennis has. Kudos to the 2 gentlemen who fought hard at the court and demonstrated what tennis is all about and a big congratulation to Rafa! Hoping to see yet another masterpiece like this. Photos courtesy of Australian Open site.

~ by pipsqueak08 on 2 February 2009.

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