Survivor Philippines Winner Prediction

On what I am seeing on tv late at night on the faces of the jury, JC will win over Rob. It seems like every person in the jury doesn’t like hearing on what is coming out on Rob’s mouth. No offense but everytime he talks & states his opinions, Jace seems to be bored out of hell & yawns, Kiko covers his face with what he wears on his head, Marlon always laughs & shakes its head in disagreement, the girls (Vern, Kaye & Zita) had their foreheads crumpled all the time, & Cris laughs along with Marlon. I had the feeling that if Rob picked Charisse instead of JC to the final 2, he will literally give the title to Charisse easily & dig his own grave. But who knows who will bag the first ever title of Sole Survivor. The basketball hearthrob who wins his way to the final 2 in being a tough competitor on challenges or the sales officer who lands his way through having close alliances with? My bet still goes with JC. The finale will air on tomorrow Friday, December 11 at around 10pm. I hope there will be a reunion like on the US version.


~ by pipsqueak08 on 11 December 2008.

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