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Next time a movie is shown based on the book, they better stick to it! They should expect that almost all the moviegoers has definitely read the book. There are scenes not from the book, not like what’s on the book, and key events missing from the book. I enumerated some comments about the film. It is not not-wanting the film, I still liked the film but there are some ideas I have while & after watching the movie. And I will still watch it for several times if I have the budget. I think the baseball scene is the best of all parts of the movie. The glass house is very beautiful & the hanged togas on the wall are funny.

1. The Blacks – Bella meeting Jacob should be at the La Push trip. Billy, after the La Push trip. Not when Bella arrived at Forks.

2. Race – Eric is Asian & Tyler is Black. I am not against any race it’s just that I didn’t expect them that to be.

3. Seeing the Cullens – The Cullen’s came from outside the cafeteria. They should be already siting at the cafeteria when Bella arrived.

4. Other friends – Lauren isn’t around so was Ben.

5. Slippery ride – The car accident supposed to happen before the start of class not after.

6. Nausea with blood – The blood-testing, classroom setting is missing. I am waiting for the scene instead they gave up plants.

7. Compost pits – There is no botany trip on the book, nor the Cullens riding on a school bus.

8. Kisses everywhere – Tyler kissing Bella on the cheeks in the cafeteria. No one besides Edward & Jacob kissed Bella on the books.

9. Technology upgrades – Bella has no cellphone & her computer should be ancient – not a Mac book.

10. First meeting – Bella meets Alice at school, not at the Cullens’ home. Though I can’t remember how others met Bella.

11. Quileute history – No such book is dedicated for the Quileutes that you can buy on a specialty book store. And Bella, didn’t find anything on the book store at Port Angeles.

12. Special place – The meadow scene is just near the school. Which is awkward. They just walked from the school to their ‘special’ meadow.

13. Unusual prom – Jacob popped out at the prom scene outside the dancefloor when Edward goes away for a while, and before Edward & Bella danced. On the books, Edward even let Jacob & Bella talk at each other because Edward heard what’s on their minds. Billy isn’t there.

14. Refreshments – Edward ordered Coke. Period.

15. Runaway girlfriend – I waited for scenes how Bella ran away from Jasper & Alice in the airport & scenes where Bella & Edward is longing for each other over the phone. Nothing happened.

16. Killer Alice – I thought it was Emmett & Jasper who killed James but Alice is the one who broke James’ neck.

17. Fashionable Victoria – Victoria hides around the corner wearing a gown when Edward & Bella is dancing at the prom, which I also can’t remember from the book. On other scenes, Victoria wears a green top over a fur coat bearing a print I found weird for a vampire to wear.

18. Charlie’s unknown friend – A friend of Charlie’s was killed by Laurent’s group during a fishing trip. The only friend of Charlie that was killed is Harry Clearwater on the 3rd book.

19. Eating out – Bella cooks at their home because Charlie’s cooking is not quite edible – on the book. Bella eats hamburger, fries & fixins & Charlie eats salad – on the movie.

20. Short cameo – The author Stephenie Meyer made a short cameo role on the movie, eating on a restaurant where Charlie & Bella eats also.

I have no big complaints with the movie. The movie was nice to watch. It’s what readers should expect when watching a book-based movie. I still recommend it to everyone. Every people will appreciate the movie, readers or not. Peace out!


~ by pipsqueak08 on 27 November 2008.

4 Responses to “Twilight Movie Comments”

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  2. I loved the part where Bella tells him to put on his seatbelt and he laughs at her. That was great. I agree that it was more funny and playful than the book, but I liked that about the movie. I’ve heard lots of negative about the whole science class fan scene, where Edward smells Bella for the first time and he freaks out in his silent, scary way. I loved it. I thought it was a great balance of tension and funny. I really liked the kissing scene, too. More of that next time, people!

  3. I also noticed all those things about the book and won’t Edward hear and smell Victoria if she was that close to them. Other things that distracted me were the Oregon license plate that appears on Edward’s car in one scene and the shot of Multinomah Falls in Oregon (very Portland not Forks). I’m looking forward to having a new director. Twilight the movie was such a disappointment and I mostly blame the director. Did she even read the books? Hello, there is NO way Edward would let Bella climb around in the tops of trees. And how is Bella’s caretaker/defender nature supposed to develop if she doesn’t even cook and take care of her dad? This may not seem like an important part to show but we all know how important it is in the end. It really helps show her character development as the ultimate protector. I also don’t think they focused enough on the connection between Bella and Edward. Showing clips of them talking while music played in the background does not show the mental and emotional connection between them. The sexual connection is a no brainer but sexual attraction wouldn’t make Bella freak out in the end when Edward talks of leaving, which is why that scene fell completely flat. There is a reason these books appeal to women of all ages, because they were smartly written. Unfortunately the movie was a dumbed down bubble gum version of Stephanie’s hard work and care for her characters. I really like the movie About A Boy and it showed real depth and understanding of complex characters and emotions. If Chris can bring just a little of that to New Moon, I think we will all see the Bella, Edward and Jacob Stephanie created.


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