A Victim Of Screaming Twilight Fans

I just watched Twilight yesterday night, and oh men, the moment the Summit Entertainment logo was shown on screen, every girl started screaming & howling. It is my first time to have such experience while watching a film. And of course, the moment when Edward was shown on screen at the cafeteria, the screaming got louder. But no one beats the kissing scenes with Bella, your ears will pop out.

Tips on watching Twilight:

1. Read the book after watching the film, if you haven’t. The book is 10x better than the movie. And you will be raining “huh’s & what’s” during the movie. The book will give answers & you will get hooked with Edward especially.

2. Don’t read the book before watching. You will just find yourself having crumpled foreheads at missing, inacurate, & it’s-not-in-the-book scenes. Like me! Though I know everyone who had read the book will still anticipate the movie no matter what. Like me, again!

3. Expect screaming & howling teenage girls whenever Edward says or does something on screen. That says it all. Trust me, I am a victim of one.


~ by pipsqueak08 on 27 November 2008.

One Response to “A Victim Of Screaming Twilight Fans”

  1. Hey,
    I thought your first two points hit the nail perfectly. It happens a lot though; if you’re a fan of a book and they make a movie, you cringe when they make a mistake. And you’ll appreciate the book if you’ve watched the movie and loved it.

    But as to howling whenever Edward says anything, I was happily not part of the crowd. Some stuff he said was kinda… o.O”

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