And Then There Were 3 – TARA 3 Finalists

I honestly never would have thought at the beginning that the 3 left teams will reach the finals. There is Tania & Ida who never ceased to shock us because of a come from a behind leg after being spared on a non-elimination round and they came in 1st. Their wise choices and smart thinking made their way into the finals. Also there is Geoff & Tisha, the competition villains as what other teams had dubbed them as, after bickering with one another and constant hindrances of words from other teams, they still came on 2nd. Their aggressive way of pulling theirselves out of eliminations saved them as always. And last but not the least is Sam & Vince who gave up at the last road block before the finals but instead still been placed as 3rd when AD & Fuzzie also backed out of finishing the road block after them, thus giving them a 4 hour time penalty. The consistency for most times put them also in the finals. It’s anybody’s ball game right now though still fingers crossed that Team Philippines will win the race. It is really different when you come from a same country even if you don’t like them as much as other Team Philippines in the races before. Woot woot!


~ by pipsqueak08 on 14 November 2008.

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