After Reading The Eclispe And Became Obsessed With A Werewolf

I just finished reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer yesterday night. The book was borrowed for me by my aunt from the daughter of her friend. And I am so attached to the book unlike any other book I had read before except for Harry Potter Book 7 maybe. My mind can’t take away the scenes from the book! I am thinking about the scenes all the time! And I am sooooooo much obsessed with one particular character, Jacob Black. And I seriously have tears in my eyes whenever Jake has his moments on the book. Parts like the one when Bella admits he loved Jacob back, when Bella went to La Push to see what Jacob had been through after his brawl with the newborns, and the epilogue. I can’t help myself from crying everytime he says something. It striked me the most! I have this feeling now, that I hope will change after I read Breaking Dawn, that I wanted Jake over Edward. I need to breathe now. Oh my Jacob! My poor Jacob! I want to give him a literal and figurative big hug. I want to feel his unusual warmth. I want to brush his russet fur. I want to tell his sad black eyes that it’s going to be okay. Sob sob. I want to have a bestfriend like Jake! I want ‘a Jacob Black’ into my life! As much as I wanted to take Jacob’s character off my mind, I have been difficulties in doing so. The least I can do is to let it pass and hoping some other/another character would try to invade my thoughts.


~ by pipsqueak08 on 29 September 2008.

One Response to “After Reading The Eclispe And Became Obsessed With A Werewolf”

  1. This blog showed up in my email, thanks to Google Alerts, and I’m so glad it did. I love Jacob, too! And trust me, once he’s on your mind, you can’t get him off. Literally. (:

    Have you started Breaking Dawn yet? It’s amazing, too. But it made me cry. ): *not telling why*

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