My Take On Survivor Philippines’ 2nd Immunity

Being a Survivor freak, I found yesterday evening’s immunity challenge for the local Survivor very funny, weird & amusing. The firstly thought ‘shorts’ problem of Jace during his brawl with Kiko became a blindside that was kinda insulting for me. Never in the history of me watching US Survivor as far as I can remember that had an agreement in the challenge that was broken also during a challenge, other than when a tribal council is in play. Then came the fight of all the castaways with a pillow that you can’t even recognize after being pulled, thrown, fought over, & ran with after the challenge. And at the exact challenge, the first time the host banned people on continuing the challenge. The first time I saw a castaway having fun in defending the other tribe in joining others to take the pillow (Cris vs Gigit). The first time I saw a castaway complain about her personal feelings with its fellow tribe mate during a challenge (Vhev vs Emerson). And the first time there is a private talk between co-tribe mates about their personal insights with an another tribemate when they are banned from the challenge (Vhev & Cris). Whew! That’s so many firsts on me! hehe.


~ by pipsqueak08 on 26 September 2008.

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