King DJ Logan Signs Off The Radio For Good

When KDL began thanking people from where he started his radio career, I knew he was up to something. And I am a little bit hesistant to admit to myself that he maybe will finally give himself a break on radio after 11 years. What I didn’t see coming though is that yesterday evening was really his last day. I thought he just submitted a resignation letter but will still be on air for the week at least. It really saddens me that my constant stress-buster everyday except weekends will be put to an end. And I am serious with this. My constant companion every night will be gone for good. I even ‘leaked’ when he had his final conversation with a caller. Well, that’s life. We all must move on even if it hurts. Listeners know nothing about this rotten politics on radio as he is saying, so the least we can do is respect his decision and think that KDL was once part of our radio listening routine what ever time slot he is in. Thank you for sharing your ingenious talent to the radio industry even there are so many distractors and antagonists, still you make a listener’s night filled with craziness and happiness. And surely I will miss laughing silently to your antics and to Logan’s Alley, every night so my family won’t wake up in the middle of their sleep. Kudos man!


~ by pipsqueak08 on 17 September 2008.

10 Responses to “King DJ Logan Signs Off The Radio For Good”

  1. what happened to KDL?

  2. I wish KDL will have a change of heart and go back to the radio. I miss him already! KDL, why so sudden?!

  3. Resigning was the modest way to put it. Either that or he was getting his butt kicked out. Sayang talent nya. No radio station wants to work with him anymore because of his attitude. I have many friends from the radio industry and everyone is saying that his work ethics and attitude was the main reason that he can no longer work in radio, or anywhere for that matter

  4. to formerKDLfan AKA GENIUS…

    he works for 99.5 RT now..THE radio station.

    So what was it again?

  5. yes..his resignation was like an appeal to transfer to a non killerbee station…

  6. I’ve worked with KDL outside of radio for a few months enough for me to say without doubt that he’s one of the smartest and most talented people I know. Makulit sha, yes. Pasaway minsan, oo. But I never saw that as a problem. That’s why I don’t understand all this negative press being hurled at him by radio people. Kasi kung pangit ang work ethics ng isang tao, lalabas at lalabas ‘yan kahit saang opisina ka pumunta. So far, all I’ve seen from him is his dedication to his job, radyo man o hindi. That guy has talent that goes well beyond the borders of radio. And for that alone, he’ll always have my respect.

  7. I really miss King Dj Logan. HuHuHu…

  8. Yeah! KDL’s really smart and funny.

  9. spooky nights 89.9 sir king dj logan..

  10. spooky nights 89.9 sir king dj logan.. sana mabalik uli 🙂

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