The Weird Thing My Professor Said/Did

The weirdest & creepiest thing my professor did was when she did not act accordingly as to what a woman should be doing in front of her students. Even a normal female wouldn’t do such thing in public. And I know that it is her time of the month. It actually happened during my community service subject about 3 years ago. We were gathered at the school grounds for the start of the so called ‘alay-lakad’ through out the school’s vicinity. My teacher was seating in one of the provided chairs while other students were left standing. When the ‘alay-lakad’ was about to start, my friends and I noticed that she took a glimpse at the chair where she was seated, maybe to look if there are visible stains. The problem is, she made it look obvious to all of my classmates what she was doing that she didn’t notice we are all staring at her blankly trying to figure out what she was doing. The worse part, maybe when she realized that there really was a stain visible in the chair, she even asked for a piece of paper from one of my male classmates. My friends & I even took her more differently after what she did. Of all the people, why ask from a guy & why to make it very obvious. Tsk tsk tsk.


~ by pipsqueak08 on 13 August 2008.

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