Pet Peeves About The Opposite Sex

me, being a woman has several complaints about SOME men (but no hard feelings, just opinions):

>>why men not contented being a one-woman man (does being a playboy make men look as a hero to other men?)

>>why men complain about women being a hard picker in buying clothes (do they know that women wanted to look great for their men, that’s why they are taking too long to choose for men to appreciate what they are wearing?)

>>why men does not understand women’s feelings (women wants to be appreciated in EVERYTHING they are doing for their men)

>>why men does not express their feelings for their women, as women do to men (does this make men lose their macho image?)

>>why men tend to see everything a woman says as nagging (it’s not complaining, it’s explaining)

>>why is it is hard for men to always listen (thinking “not again? why the heck will i listen if all she’s saying is the same thing?”)

>>why men thinks that when women talk it seems like a gossip to them (not all the time women talk about other people lives, women share thoughts about themselves, their partners, their family)

>>why men are egoistic (long time question)

>>why men always says ‘yes’ to what women says to them (for them to stay out of topics easily? women also wants to hear opinions, a healthy competition between 2 parties would not hurt a lot)

>>why men can’t give direct answers on women’s simple questions (esp when women ask at a text message saying, “saan ka na? d2 na ako sa blah blah”. men in turn would reply, “malapit na ako” or “papunta na ako” even if they just got out of their houses)


~ by pipsqueak08 on 20 June 2008.

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